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beta3 dvd... still nothing working :(

tahnks for the reply... but the bad thing is that my sound works... it just wont get past that step... and i can't open the mixer from that part of the process...

thanks again!

i've tried time and time again installing linux mce with different options. no matter how many times i try, however, my pc seems to freeze on step 8 and will not continue any further. I can still move the mouse around, but when i click, nothing happens. when i press the arrows on the keyboard, nothing happens. so when i turned the pc off by holding the power button, it came up with a window and after some installation process, the lady telling me to click on the "next" button came up. this sounds good, but it wasn't. the whole screen was black except for a little box with part of her face that i could see. so i tried starting from scratch and the same things keep happening. please help! i don't want to go back to the glitchy windows mce. my pc specs are as follows:

athlon 1800+
geforce fx 5200
a cheap dynex sound card with spdif optical audio out
1 gb memory
and i have 2 tv tuner cards: ati tv wonder ve and wintv pvrusb2

i can't wait to hear suggestions!!!!!! i really appreciate it!!!!!


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