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Compatible Products & Services / Re: linuxmcestore comming soon.
« on: January 04, 2008, 05:56:23 pm »
How about offering Tech support for things that you sell and putting together custom systems (HTPC) based off of customers needs along with pre-installed LMCE. 

I am just getting interested in LMCE, on the surface its a great piece of software, but it takes alot of work and knowledge.  I am building a new home and trying to plan my entire home around my (very limited) knowledge of LMCE and what exactly it can do and what exactly it can support in my home automation needs.  I know what I want in my new home, ie: a Media Center, Security cameras, door/windows sensors, Lighting and window treatment control, Doorbell phone, access and control to all my systems via internet, but Im not sure if LMCE supports everything that I want and if it does, which items Is should buy that are proven compatible with LMCE.  Everyone tells me to read, so I am reading, but I feel like I am getting behind the progress of my home.  Being an Airline Pilot and on the road for weeks at a time, having three small children under the age of 5 and trying to oversee the building  of my new home unfortunately doesnt leave me with as much time to read about LMCE as I want. 

I would be more open to contacting a person like you (or anyone else for that matter) who knows the LMCE systems, who can act in an adviser capacity and advise me on the things that I should be looking at to prepare my home as a "Smart Home" working in concert with LMCE.  I want to build a HTPC, and will but getting the right stuff for the HTPC if important, Your company could advise people like me on what to buy and allow us to build our own or I could let you know what my needs are and you build my HTPC for me and pre install LMCE for me.  Either way, its a win wins for each of us.  The key is being cost conscious and providing support after the sale.

This is just a newbies perspective on things based off of my needs. 

Looking forward to the new LMCE store opening soon...


Compatible Products & Services / Re: Motherboard with HDMI?
« on: January 03, 2008, 09:48:21 pm »
Im just trying to follow this thread and came up with a couple of questions:

1.  What specifically does it mean when you say "tearing" (does it relate to the image quality and if so, what do you see if the image is "tearing"?)

2.  I'm looking to build my own HTPC and was curious what a "Hybrid/Core" is or what it means? 

3.  I would imagine that when I build my HTPC, I would want it to be 1080P/HDMI capable...  Right???  Isn't that the best quality picture qualtity? 

I'm sure I will have more questions later, just trying to stay in the loop.  How in the world did all of you get so smart about all this stuff, Ive read a little and it seems that everything I read goes right over my head...  Im very excited about trying this, but Linux and LMCE is kicking my butt... 


Compatible Products & Services / Re: Planning ahead...
« on: January 02, 2008, 05:47:14 pm »
Taking lots of notes...  Keep em coming if you get any more ideas. 

I appreciate everyones comments and suggestions. 

I got your response about the "Tearing" on the "Walmart Computer" thread, I was getting nervous reading the "Pros" comments and I appreciate your advise on that as well. 


Now Im confused,
So what I have gathered from this thread is that you can not get UI2 overlay or Alpha blending using the Unichrome Pro drivers, and if you use the nVidia, you get the UI2 overlaying and the Alpha Blending, but you then have a problem with video tearing...  ???

So, what driver are we suppose to use to get LMCE to work correctly, as is shows in the "promotional" video??? 

Being new to the forum, I have to admit that Im getting a little nervous about designing my new total home theater, security, light system around LMCE.  I have based my choice for LMCE over Microsofts Media because of what I saw in the video that details the "features" of LMCE.  It seems the more I do my research, the farther I get from the idea that is promoted in the video that this software will work just like they say it will  right "out of the box". 

Have I gotten the wrong impression or mis-interpret what has been said in this thread??? 


Compatible Products & Services / Planning ahead...
« on: January 02, 2008, 02:03:31 am »
Hey all,
I am currently having a home built and the Home theater guys are suppose to do the wiring instillation here in the next few weeks.  I am trying to plan ahead and have an idea about what I want to do, but am not really sure how to get there... 

What specifically should I have done to this home, (ie pre-wire)  so that I can take advantage of everything LMCE has to offer?  Initially,   I may not be able to have everything I want up and running on day one (too much money all at once), but Id like to plan ahead properly and atleast have the most advanced wiring done now, while the walls are still uncovered, and put all the components in later. 

I am planning on building myself or having someone else more knowledgeable build me a HTPC that will serve my needs of today and tomorrow.  I saw both videos describing the features of LMCE and honestly, I like it all.  I know I want to have security cameras set up outside as well as some type of self monitored security system on particular doors and windows.  Lighting inside/outside would be nice, but probably last on my list of wants.  Most of all, Id like to get all the wiring done today and be able to have some type of "central server" running LMCE and be able to manage everything, from anywhere in my home.  Id also like to have a "central nas" where all my media is stored for easy access.  Heck, Im not sure if it matters, but the "HDD" could be inside the HTPC as part of the HHD or established in a seperate location in the home. 

Another question is this.  I already have a few of my components (Vizio 50 Plasma, Onkyo 7.1 dual channel HDMI receiver, 5.1 Polk audio speakers)  others I'm guessing I will have to buy later.  From what I understand about LMCE, It really only works well, if you have the exact items that its compatible with, so in planning ahead, is there a list of specific items that I should start looking at, or can I get what I want and then just look to see if there is a patch for what ever component that I bought?  How limited are we when using LMCE? 

Also, I am starting to look at putting together a kick butt HTPC.  If you were going to build your dream HTPC, what would you put in it?  I dont want to spend my money uselessly in areas that dont really require big expenditures.  (ie getting 4G of ram when I really only need 2G, something like that)

I really appreciate any advice and replys that I get, 


PS  I live in Louisville KY (USA) and was curious what the best medium for LMCE is, DirecTV or Cable?  Im thinking Cable.  I love my DTV but hate the bill for all the DTV boxes (2 Tivo's, 1 HD DVR and 2 regular boxes)  Is it possible for LMCE to distribute a TV signal to every TV in my home using just one DirecTV HD DVR receiver and watch seperate TV channels at the same time in different places in the home?  Would I need to have an extender in ever room that had a TV do this or will the RG6 line work to get the signal out?  I would want to have access to LMCE's DVR tech in each room, but I think I would need the extenders to give me this function.  I can see Cable being able to do this because the basic cable signal is distributed throughout the entire home and to every room, but DirecTV requires a receiver box in every room that you want TV.  Its great TV, but expensive and a pain in the arse...  Any ideas? 


I came here earlier today looking for a way to get Kubuntu and Linux MCE off my computer, Needless to say, everyone had the same answer, "It can't be done"

Well, after some thought, I figured out a way to do it and just did it to my computer and it worked fine.  I now have a clean HHD... 

Id read the whole post B4 committing to this procedure.

I']m not a very smart Computer guy compared to most of the guys (and girls) on this forum, heck, trying to figure out Linux MCE was eating my lunch, so just know that this is the most elementary of ways to do this.  When I did the following procedure, I knew I would end up wiping my HHD, but hey, I was only experimenting with Linux MCE in the first place and didnt know my experiment would be Permanent. 

Here is what I did... 

1.  You will need a program called "Partitian Magic"  or any other type of partitian program that has deleting and formatting capabilities... 

2.  Open the program and Identify the specific HDD you want to "clean" 
(In my case, I had two seperate HHD on my computer and was using one of them as basically a storage place.  Figured Id install Kubuntu and Linux MCE on the seperate one, and on occasion, go and experiment with it...  Oooops)

3.  Right click the HDD that you want clean and select "Delete", make sure you do both sectors of the specific HDD.  Why Delete instead of "Format"  I tried Format, but the program kept failing on me.  Originally, I was going to do a seperate partition, knowing that Partition Magic would "Format" the Drive B4 it created the partition, well, I didnt really want to create a partition just to format a HDD)

4.  I think deleting only really deletes the info, not the drive.  Once the HDD is deleted, then go back and "Format" each sector. 

5.  At this point, Kubuntu and Linux MCE should be gone, Reboot and either reinstall you original software or in my case, go to "My Computer" and see if the drive is there and clean.  In my case, it was and I transferred a few files just to make sure and everything worked like it should.  I hope this was able to help... 

Regarding Linux MCE.  Ive not given up on it, I just installed the program to get a feel for it, I know to ge tthe full benefit from LMCE, you need to have everything hooked up, My PC is just a regular PC at this point with no media on it or hooked up to it, except for whats inside it, Not even a TV card or a decent video card.  Just a basic Dell, running MS-XP...  My goal is to get up to speed on this by March so I can plan for my new home that is currently being built.  Originally, I was going to go with Windows Media Center, but then got hooked when I saw the LMCE video's...  If only it were really only plug and play for "non computer experts" like me... 

Now, on a side note, If you have a little time and if your knowledgeable about Linux MCE, If you want to help an old novice like me, Id be grateful.  Please e-mail me and hopefully I can get get comfortable with this program.  I know I must "READ, READ, READ and READ to get sharp on Linux, but to be honest, (hate making excuses), with a wife, and 3 kids under the age of 5, Im doing the best I can to get to my computer for 30 minutes a day. 

Ill check in later... 

Anyway, I'm rambling and its my first post... 

I hope I was able to help... 


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