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i will just get mythdora instead

forget it.....kind of useless forum.....It seems i ask in english.....nevermind...No wonder there is no posts in here. You ask what? Read the post again. It seems all you guys do is give a hard time to people.

I was just asking what configurations people have used that have worked good.....I have looked in the faq....but have also read things about PVR 150 having bad picture etc. One of my most important questions is how to get the signal from the computer to the tv....what is an affordable user friendly item for that? What I am gathering is alot of people buy a couple pvr 150 cards...then a graphics card with tv out to get it to the tv....correct?

all it really says in the wiki is nvidia is best but doesnt say the model

No taker on this? I figured this is a standard question but cant find an answer

I am looking to take an old pc and make it a media center with linux mce. What is the best ( andcheapest) setup that allows me to have the ability to record 2 things at once and also output to tv. I figured i would need to get a big hard drive as well as a sound card.....What is reccomended as far as this?) A tuner card or tuner cards etc.....What is the best config to do this with linux mce.....?



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