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To use your IR receiver/transmitter you would need to create a new template for your interface. However, this requires some programming skills. You have to write a piece of code to make it work.
Anyway, in order to add a new template, you have to select the manufacturer and the device category and then to click on 'Add device template'. (You use 'Pick device template'  only when the template is already created and you only want to add the device).
You could probably take the USB-UIRT as an example on what to fill in all the fields (add a USb-UIRT then go to its details).

How does one do that?  I am just an end user of Linux, never used it before.  I am trying to switch from windows MCE using my exisisting hardware.

This is the worlds most common IR transmitter.  Does this mean LinuxMCE does not natively support it?

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