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Users / Re: Mythtv or VRD
« on: April 12, 2007, 10:13:16 am »

Ok bummer

I have gone back to just mythtv tv now, I think i will wait for lmce 1.1 to be released before i try this agian.
One note thought for a user that has been running mythtv for a very long time.

I was very impressed by the Ui in Linuxmce! Nice with alpha blending and the background image changes :)

Regards Staffan

Users / Mythtv or VRD
« on: April 11, 2007, 09:05:20 am »

Mythtv in Linuxmce doesnt seem to work that well. I cant see anyone on this forum that has gotten it to work reliable. So a search showed that it was possible to use VDR instead of mythtv in pluto. Is this still possible in Linuxmce and how do you configure it?

Best regards Staffan

Installation issues / Re: Why only vesa?
« on: April 10, 2007, 07:46:31 pm »


I managed to get the nvidia binary driver working by compiling it on the core then manually copy the modules + files to the media director :)

Now the big problem, getting mythtv to work


Installation issues / Re: Why only vesa?
« on: April 10, 2007, 02:15:15 pm »
Hi again

The problem is i cant install the drivers on either the core or media director. The drivers needs to be compiled and you cant install the compiled modules on the core because it does not have an nvidia card. And on the md a dont have the headers files + compiler for building the drivers. trying to install the restricted modules does not seem to work either.

I might try to copile the drivers on the core than manualy copy the modules to the md.


Installation issues / Re: Why only vesa?
« on: April 10, 2007, 09:29:36 am »

Thank you for replying k84

I have tried to edit the Cards file many times, but if i exchange all nv with nvidia the modules cant be found and it uses the vesa driver instead.

I seem to have a bigger problem thought. I did not manage to get mythtv working with Linuxmce, and it seems that hardly anyone has gotten it going. The frontend just quits with no logs saying why it quits. If i canĀ“t get it going tonight i must revert back to my old mythtv system because i havent been able to watch tv now for a couple of days :(

Best regards Staffan

Installation issues / Re: Why only vesa?
« on: April 09, 2007, 09:36:34 pm »

This is from my MD

00:00.0 8086:2570:1043:80f2 Host bridge: Intel Corp.|82865G [Springdale-G] Chipset Host Bridge (intel-agp)
00:01.0 8086:2571:0000:0000 PCI bridge: Intel Corp.|82865G/PE/P Processor to AGP Controller (unknown)
00:1d.0 8086:24d2:1043:80a6 USB Controller|UHCI: Intel Corp.|USB Controller (uhci_hcd)
00:1d.1 8086:24d4:1043:80a6 USB Controller|UHCI: Intel Corp.|USB Controller (uhci_hcd)
00:1d.2 8086:24d7:1043:80a6 USB Controller|UHCI: Intel Corp.|USB Controller (uhci_hcd)
00:1d.3 8086:24de:1043:80a6 USB Controller|UHCI: Intel Corp.|82801EB USB EHCI Controller #2 (uhci_hcd)
00:1e.0 8086:244e:0000:0000 PCI bridge: Intel Corp.|82820 815e (Camino 2) Chipset PCI (hw_random)
00:1f.0 8086:24d0:0000:0000 ISA bridge: Intel Corp.|82801EB ISA Bridge (LPC) (i810-tco)
00:1f.1 8086:24db:1043:80a6 IDE interface: Intel Corp.|82801EB ICH5 IDE (ata_piix)
00:1f.3 8086:24d3:1043:80a6 SMBus: Intel Corp.|82801EB SMBus (i2c-i801)
01:00.0 10de:0221:0000:0000 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corp.|GeForce 6200 (nv)
02:05.0 11ab:4320:1043:811a Ethernet controller: Marvell Semiconductor Inc.|88E8001 Gigabit Lan PCI Controller (skge)
02:0a.0 1102:0002:1102:0020 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs|SB Live! (audio) (snd-emu10k1)
02:0a.1 1102:7002:1102:0020 Input device controller: Creative Labs|SB Live! (joystick) (emu10k1-gp)
---:--- 0000:0000:0000:0000 Mouse: Generic PS/2 Wheel Mouse [/dev/psaux] (msintellips/2)

Installation issues / Re: Why only vesa?
« on: April 09, 2007, 05:05:06 pm »

I cant even begin to tell you how frustrated i am right now!. I have spent over 6 hours now trying to get the nviida driver to work :(.

Yesterday i begun installing Linuxmce after looking at the video floating around on I have been running Gentoo linux with mythtv
for maybe 3-4 years now and thought i would try this. The guy on the video said that "Just pop in the installation cd and away we go" i guess not!

Nevermind, i hope someone can help me :)

I have set up a real core server (not a hybrid) it is running on a asus pundit machine with an intergrated sis graphics card.

From the core i boot a diskless pc that contains my Nvidia 6200 agp card.

the diskless machine workes with Ui1 and is using the opensource nv driver. If i try to use another UI, X starts but only with the grey screen and mouse pointer. I have tried renstalling the restricted modules a couple of times and edited the /usr/share/hwdata/Cards file, but to no vail. Tried also to compile the binary driver from the core machine but the nvidia-installer bugs out because i dont have a nvidia card in that machine :(.

Please someone, How can i get the nvidia driver to work with my diskless system?

Best regards Staffan

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