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Installation issues / Re: Anyone got a pvr150 installed an running?
« on: April 02, 2007, 08:48:31 am »
Thanks for the reply and the link.  I had, actually, once tried the djlosch howto and more or less got mythtv to work using it.  There were one or two issues but I don't remember what they were any more.  (I've since tried mythdora, knoppmyth and others but never really got them to a point where i wanted to keep one as my main pvr).

At the moment I am using either GBPVR or mediaportal on a windows dual boot.  They are both free and so much more advanced, easy to install, and user friendly, that it is difficult to switch to a linux medias centre.  Even though I hate win xp and have a linux-only network for the rest of my setup (4 PCs).

I was hoping tyhat linuxmce would make a better job of automating the install process for mythtv.  IMHO the developers have got it seriously wrong here.  He/they are offering an amazing range of add-on functionality that most people won't ever use (security camera and light control etc) while neglecting what most people will come here for - an easy to install, setup and use media centre.  The Pareto principle is relevant I think.  They could satisfy 80% of the users with 20% of the product.  Once they had got that right, they could/should offer the rest.

If the software can't even find and configure one of the most popular tv cards, or common set-top boxes and so on, it can hardly be called mce can it?  As usual, it is US-centric and doesn't do anything for us PAL and sky users here in Europe.

I'll try the djlosch guide again, but if I have to manually edit scripts, manually install ivtv and all the rest, what is the point of this software - not much more than a pretty interface?

Oh well....


Installation issues / Anyone got a pvr150 installed an running?
« on: April 01, 2007, 10:29:28 pm »
Just d/l and installed linuxmce over a fresh install of 6.10.  All appeared to go ok except that when booting ubuntu it says "Failed to initialise HAL" which seems a pretty serioUs error to me.

Other than that all appears to be well except it does not id the haup pvr150 card so consequently no mythtv.  I am installed as a hybrid on a decent enough 1.7 P mobile with 1 gig of ram and 2x 250 Gb hard disks.

anyone help with the setup of a pvr150?



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