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Marketplace / Dianemo Relationship with Andrew Herron (totallymaxed)
« on: October 15, 2015, 06:28:37 pm »
To all forum users and potential and existing Dianemo Licensed users.

I am one of the directors of Convergent Home Technologies, the owners of Dianemo. Regrettably I am forced to post this message on the forum to clarify the relationship with our company and Andrew Herron. It has been bought to our attention that Andrew has been selling Dianemo licenses and services to forum users without our consent. We have been contacted by a forum user who has complained that he has taken money for a license and development and not provided the work, this has been the second such contact we have had. On looking on the forum we have discovered that Andrew has been offering services for some time without our approval.

Andrew had been contracted to our company for many years and was our representative on the forum, he is also a small shareholder in the company, however, our contractual relationship ended in December 2013. Andrew offered to continue supporting existing users on the forum and one or two licensed resellers as these had configurations he was familiar with. Unfortunately, he has used this to keep access to our servers and obtain licenses to sell without consent. As you can see from recent posts, he has stopped responding to all contact from users on the forum.

His access to our servers has been revoked and we now are in the process of determining how many unauthorised licenses have been issued so that we do not terminate them without the user being aware. We intend to honour all licenses issued by Andrew but need the holders to contact us.

Please private message me if you believe you have a Dianemo license that may be unauthorised.


Steve Ashby
Convergent Home Technologies Ltd

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