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Title: Computing menu crash and .40 experience
Post by: archived on September 07, 2006, 04:06:13 pm
So I switched from KnoppMyth to Pluto in hopes to get more home automation working.  The main thing I want to work nice is MythTV since I want atleast all if not close to what I had with straight Myth.

I've been following the directions at and I have some questions.

First off, at no time during my install was I ever prompted for a password on the user I created.  I got prompted for the root pass, but that was it. I finally found (someplace on here) how to reset the password via MySQL. Took me 3 installs to figure this one out! :(

Also I have an issue getting my resultion right on my DVI out. I'm using a 42" Plasma HDTV, and the best res I could set for some reason was 720p. When I go into some sections of the menus, it goes to 4:3, moves the picture all the way to the left side of the screen, and chops off the first inch or two of the left side. The main screen is in 16:9 and pretty nice. I figure this must be an Nvidia issue, but mention it here in case it's related to the front end crashing.

Anyway, I got passed all that, and get to step 2.  Now here it says that ivtv isn't included with Pluto.  After looking around though I see that it was already installed on my system, along with the dvd libs.  Is this no longer valid?! Also doing a 'quick search' as it says does not help at ALL. I found by chance, someone on here, that linked to the place, that you can get these files.  Google never even hit the site.

Step 4 is where it blew up all the way and my current issue.  I have no clue here, I spent all night looking.  There was another guy that posted about this issue and was directed to a wiki page on how to make Computing apps, but the crashing issue was never addressed.

I tried what the wiki says on this, but it doesn't work.  When I do xprop it says it can't grab the mouse.  Also the application loads behind the frontend, so I couldn't click on it if I wanted to. I saw this just by chance because there was a small delay one time the front end crashed and I saw the MythTV-setup running, then it was overlayed by the frontend again once it started back up.


PVR-250 - This is what I'm trying to get working, I know my type=4 from my MythTV setup.
AMD X2 64bit 3800+
Nvidia 6200TC - using HDMI->DVI cable to display on 42" Plasma HDTV

Other then those I pretty much built my system in spec with here:

So to sum up the issue here... I can't run mythtv-setup!  I've even tried to enable X11-Forwarding on the box and display the mythtv-setup on my laptop... that didn't work for some reason.

that's it.... thanks, and HELP! ;)
Title: Computing menu crash and .40 experience
Post by: archived on October 02, 2006, 02:58:46 pm
when prompted for user name it creates a password also, which is the same as the user. user/password dan/dan

we're developing a 16:9 UI (which looks even better) so you'll not have this issue anymore. it's not related to drivers. it's our generator. mean time you can use normal 4:3 but the ui it's streached.

ivtv is included in pluto now, we got permissions for that.

about mythtv, we're you able to launch it? on computing screen there was a shortcut for that?
it works for us, and it's really simple to setup mythtv with datadirect account and with pvr card.