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Title: Free fundraiser website available
Post by: Ray_N on October 23, 2009, 01:24:12 pm
Hey guys!

  We've talked here about ways to get support money and donations for LinuxMCE, right? Well, I just found this brand new website that promises to be the next big thing on the Internet and can make some money to be put into our Donation Bin. Its called Blastoff! Check it out:

  Whoever controls the donation money bin needs to create the Blastoff/Linuxmce site by joining in to the page and then we can just tell the community to join that Blastoff page to help us raise development funds.

  I can take care of creating the Blastoff/Linuxmce site, but I'll need some information as to what the email of the account will be.

  This site is brand new so we have to take advantage of being the first ones so that other people that decide to help us with donations can join from the Blastoff/Linuxmce site.

  The site is very easy to set up, and customizable. And this promises to go viral very very soon.

  The LinuxMCE project will benefit everytime anyone in the Blastoff/Linuxmce network decides to buy something online from the over 400 merchants available on the Blastoff site. In addition, we will accrue payments from the purchases by other members that join Blastoff from our Blastoff/Linuxmce site (down to 10 levels).

   For example, we heard that Pizza Hut is scheduled to start promoting this and trying to sign up customers to their site...So if they can do it, how much more can the Linux community accomplish. and all proceeds from the website will go towards LinuxMCE development.

   This is mainly for our US based guys, but of course our non-US friends can help also spread the word to US-based ones.

   Well, let me know and I can get us going...
Title: Re: Free fundraiser website available
Post by: dlewis on October 23, 2009, 04:16:21 pm
The site doesn't seem to work...
Title: Re: Free fundraiser website available
Post by: Ray_N on October 23, 2009, 06:26:34 pm
Yeah...I know...the site just opened yesterday at 12:00pmCST and there's a whole slew of people trying to access it. They crashed the load-balancer yesterday and they're working on getting all their servers up to par, but keep trying and you'll see what its all about.
Title: Re: Free fundraiser website available
Post by: Ray_N on October 24, 2009, 05:54:33 am
Oh heck...I did it myself...this is our Blastoff site.

The site seems to be working fine right now. When the time for the moneys to be doled out come, I'll need some information as to where to send that money, but we can talk about that when the time comes.

If the community feels somebody else should manage this, I'll be more than happy to provide the login name and password for the site immediately upon request.

In the mean time...enjoy your new Blastoff site guys...We should probably have a link to this site from the main site. Then, when we invite people to join the Blastoff Network, we will get paid every time they make a purchase within the Blastoff Network. Think about getting paid every time anyone buy a song on iTunes, books at Barnes & Noble or a new TV at Target. As people begin to invite other people, we will see the network and the income begin to virally grow. So spread the word and get ready to Blastoff!  ;D
Title: Re: Free fundraiser website available
Post by: Ray_N on October 24, 2009, 06:51:34 am
Just for the record:
  As of 12:35AM EST(US), 05:35:43am LinuxMCE forum time, I have given the site's login information to dlewis since he requested it to me via PM and mentioned he will be managing it for the group.
  This is going to be huge! ;D   Check it out guys...sign up, spread the word, and let the donations come...  8)

«  Sent to: dlewis  on: Today at 05:35:43 am »
Please send me the Blast Off Site Credentials. I will manage it for the group. Thanks!