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Title: ATI fglrx Xv bug
Post by: archived on August 11, 2006, 03:11:22 pm
Just thought that I would let any pluto users running ATI cards know that there is a known bug with the fglrx drivers running under Xorg as used by pluto

The bug effects some ATI Radeon cards causing Xv overlay accelleration to be unusable.  I have experienced this problem in my setup with two Radeon Cards, a 9250 and a 9600 pro.

When trying to watch videos you only see half or less of the video frame.  If you turn of overlay then Xorg utilises 80% CPU and Xine uses the remaining CPU available resulting in very jerky playback.

I upgraded to the latest ATI fglrx drivers and the problem remains.

I have had to revert to with Xfree ati drivers.  Only other option at present would be to change video card manufacturer.

I am running on an Intel P4 2.0Ghz hybrid and with the release CPU usage is below 40% in total so as you can see this is a real issue for ATI users.

This is really frustrating as I really like the latest version of Pluto.

It would be useful if other pluto ATI users confirm this problem/ or list cards which dont suffer from the bug

Title: ATI fglrx Xv bug
Post by: archived on August 18, 2006, 04:59:38 pm
I have Shuttle Zen (st62k) that I have been using as a diskless Media Director.  The ATI drivers do not support DRI on the Radeon 9100 IGP that is on this motherboard.  In I would set it as a standard video card, upgrade to Xorg and configure /etc/X/xorg.conf to use the "ati" driver.  It worked very well. comes with Xorg so I would suggest you do the same.  In fact ATI support is so good in the open source xorg ATI driver, (unlike XFree86), that I would question bothering with the commercial ones.

Now the bad news.  I have not made it work yet.  In I can not convince it I do not have an "Radion 8500 or newer", (at least it is correct), and so Pluto continualy overwrites my xorg.conf.  Seting the MD to use vesa or removing the device in Advanced->Configuration->Devices never seems to stick.  I can only assume Plug-And-Play is getting in the way.  

Will let you know when I have a solution