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Title: New pluto install
Post by: archived on June 29, 2006, 04:53:54 pm
I finally moved into my new house and I rebuilt my Pluto Box. I have an extra Satellite receiver now so I want to use Myth and I have got VoIP so I want to use Asterisk.

However I can't seem to find anyway to configure either on my new install. I downloaded the latest ISO last night.

There is a MythTV setting screen however there is nothing in it.

I used the add new packages window on the Pluto admin page and added ivtv-firmware on the core where the PVR-150 MCE card is installed and it said it was added successfully. So now how do I configure Asterisk and Myth? I currently have no orbiters or MD. So I am just hitting the Admin page from the external interface.