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Title: How does squeezebox make Pluto to popup and configure audio
Post by: archived on March 15, 2006, 02:26:55 pm

I don't have such device, but would like to use that procedure to add Xine Audio only device to Pluto - but with proper screens, menus and entertainment zones...

if I read all infos right, sqeezebox is detected by dhcp, then script is run that adds it as device to Pluto with proper parent.

The somehow pupups appear on Orbiters (I wonder by who and where in code I can find that place is this triggered) that adds entertainment zone and places player in it.... That's exactly how it should be done for every other media player that would be added to Pluto - but I just cannot figure how it happens...

Any help ? Anyone with SB can take a look at logs, to trace what happens and who triggers configuration ?

Thanks in advance,