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Title: Back to EPIAs MDs - sp8000 crashes ?
Post by: archived on January 07, 2006, 11:27:02 pm

I've taken my EPIAs back to function as diskless MDs. my older 9000 managed to upgrade to 0.34 (from 0.29 I  think) and works (althouhg no video on Xine player is shown - only audio).

My sp8000 didn't get to upgrade cause it's crashing before that. I'm trying to rule out causes (I suspect RAM) - so I ask about your recent experiences with Pluto on EPIAs?

Anyone with working sp8000 ?

There is also interesting mini distro for EPIAs  (mentioned in other forum thread : ) that could also be used for gaining info on how to built diskless MD for Epias...

Thanks in advance,


Title: Back to EPIAs MDs - sp8000 crashes ?
Post by: archived on January 08, 2006, 05:54:08 pm
Hi Rob,

I'm currently running an hybrid on a M10000, no experience with SP8000.

I can get audio and video with reasonably good performances.

To get video I "hacked" Pluto setup and replaced xfree and video drivers with  unichrome ones. They are the only ones that really work with xfree.

There is also a different project (openchrome, a fork of unichrome) that offers probably better drivers (their driver uses hw acceleration for mpeg2 and mpeg4), but they are for Xorg.

One interesting thing would be to try to switch from xfree to xorg and see what happens to the whole pluto setup.

I didn' try yet because I was focused to get a stable Pluto environment as close as plossible to the "standard", but now I could give it a try.

Nevertheless I wouldn't mind to have an opinion from Pluto guys regarding this. They certainly know better than me what kind of impact may have this kind of tweak (replacing xfree with xorg).

If they already know that doing this would break everything, there would be no point to test it ...