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Title: NuVo Essentia/Grand Concerto information
Post by: jetrich on October 23, 2007, 11:30:07 pm
I have searched the wiki and the internet in general and have found little in the way of documentation about the existence of NuVo serial control code already implemented. There are a few posts in the archives eluding to functionality with previous versions of Pluto, but no specifics. Has anyone ran across the actual coding anywhere in the source? If so, would you be willing to disclose this location or any information you have discovered.

I would love to get this working bidirectionally with these systems and am simply trying to reduce the retracing of steps already taken. According to NuVo, these systems have bidirectional control and have the capability of controlling other home automation solutioncs (e.g. HAI and Lifeware). I have downloaded the pdfs containing the serial control protocols for the Essentia and Grand Concerto systems, though with the recent re-design of the Essentia system I am unsure of any updated protocol as my file is several years old.

Thanks in advance.