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Title: How to setup an ISDN card?
Post by: KingCrab on October 10, 2007, 02:28:46 pm
My new core setup works great so far, but I'm not able use my ISDN card for connetions to the outside world. The the card has a hfc-s chipset. I tried a
modprobe zaphfc
but the module wasn't found. A zaptel module is loadable. Next step I tried was
apt-get install zaptel
but apt want to remove asterisk-pluto and pluto-asterisk so I canceled it. Downloading the bristuff package from and compiling everything by myself would replace the asterisk and I think that's no option,too. Has anyone an idea how I to use this card? Alternatively I could use a AVM Fritzcard with capi, but for this I would help to...  ;)