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Title: resetting the installation
Post by: shaqan on May 04, 2007, 05:39:41 pm
Hello everyone.

I'm currently trying to get Linux MCE to work on a 1GHz computer. Installing MCE takes several hours to complete (ubuntu is about 30mins), and I'm getting tired of having to reinstall when the setup tells me i can (in theory) hit escape to get to the previous screen.

Is there a way to clear the config files so that the audio/video settings setup starts at boot again? I managed to hit cancel instead of OK when choosing resolution, and the computer entered a loop of showing me loading video/audio setup and nothing at all. When i restart it boots into a shell and the screen blinks on and off. Considering the option of trying to install everything again (it's been a few times already) and wait, i really hope there's an easier way.

I also chose no to install a dhcp server, but it still did it, which is quite annoying because i already have a DHCP and DNS box on my network.

Sorry for any bad english.

Title: Re: resetting the installation
Post by: thynk on May 06, 2007, 08:30:06 am
I've not tried this before but saw in another post -

AVWizardDone = 0   to /etc/pluto.conf

should force the avwizard to start the next time you run it.


Title: Re: resetting the installation
Post by: Juliet Smith on May 07, 2007, 10:22:42 am
You can run AVWizard again by typing into a console:

but if you only want to change your resolution and refresh settings, you can do that in the Web Admin page (you can access it by typing your core's IP in a browser, from another computer in your network). In the section Media Directors, under core, you have the options to change video settings, and UI also.