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Title: Compatible TVs
Post by: cafedumonde on July 04, 2016, 03:23:45 pm

As part of my revived LMCE build, I am planning to get a new television. The wiki seems somewhat outdated on this point, with most of the information on the user pages describing use with 710, 810, and 1004. LCD technology has come a long way in the past few years, and is now the technology used in virtual all high-end home theater sets. Plasma displays are no longer being produced. I don't mind getting a used set, but would like to get one that is as new as possible while still ensuring integration with LMCE. I am hoping to collect information from more recent builds in this thread.

Doing some research, RS-232 is not offered on newer sets, though all have ethernet ports and CEC support. Either would suffice and I expect would work fine with my Denon receiver. On ethernet, however, I have read that Samsung no longer publishes the commands and protocol for external control through the network port ( .) Recent advice from users on what is working would be great.

If you see this thread, please respond briefly with the following for your LMCE TV:

Model Number:
Control Interface: (RS-232, IP, CEC)
LMCE Device Number:
Comments: (ease of integration, picture quality,  satisfaction, etc.)



Title: Re: Compatible TVs
Post by: Marie.O on July 04, 2016, 10:54:25 pm
I am using a JVC D-ILA X3 and it can be controlled nicely via RS232 - unfortunately, it is very picky about HDMI streams. The newer D-ILA (X30 and later) do not exhibit this problem and have RS232 as well.

These days, HDMI-CEC is the way to go for regular TV set, especially if you utilize a raspberry pi as a MD.
Title: Re: Compatible TVs
Post by: phenigma on July 15, 2016, 10:04:09 pm
I have a Panasonic plasma, not going to help you there.  Many manufacturers do not seem to include control interfaces on their Ethernet ports now that CEC I'd the defacto standard for home control.  Commercial sets made for hotel chains have extensive control interface capabilities, but usually lack the picture quality of typical consumer gear.  If you don't need anything fancy then CEC control works very well from an rpi or a PulseEight adaptor.  My denon and panny both have rs232 control that I hadn't used since putting in the CEC control.

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Title: Re: Compatible TVs
Post by: cafedumonde on July 16, 2016, 03:04:30 pm

Thanks guys. I've decided to stick with my old TV and do video switching and audio control through the Denon. The only TV function I'll need is on/off, which works reliably even with IR.

I really appreciate the responses. Its great that the community is still responsive.