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Title: Clarification needed
Post by: GuiGuy on April 05, 2007, 01:34:06 pm
I've now installed twice-

I installed Ubuntu + nvidia drivers and some codecs, mplayer, xine etc. Got latest updates and tested box. All was well. Then I installed LinuxMCE which trashed the nvidia and codec installs on a reboot. No amount of coaxing would let me reinstall nvidia. In top of that HAL decided he wasn't going to initialize for anyone either.

I started again- clean install. This time I only updated the default Ubuntu install. Then I installed LinuxMCE. On a reboot no nvidia and no codecs. HAL was taunting me with 'failed to initialize' as well.

So I installed nvidia and the codecs. Rebooted. Drivers seemed to get were again. I haven't gone further as proceeding without the nvidia drivers is probably pointless.

Any advice? Can I really do this with 'no linux knowledge' as the home page implies ;)

Title: Re: Clarification needed
Post by: k84 on April 06, 2007, 02:57:04 am

DO you have a HAL? device, you can disable this in the webinterface http://linuxmce-ip/ then Automation -> Device status
click HAL, then click the check button Disabled, now SAVE.

Think the HAL is some light controll stuff, which atleast I dont have.

2^) For the nvidia drivers that's the _tricky_ part, but i've tried to write down my steps on how i did it in the "Why only vesa" Thread in this forum.

What graphics board do you have?

Feel free to stop re-installing, it's only matter of configuring it correctly :-)
Only problem with linuxMCE so far, it's not as plug and play as it is supposed to be, but i guess this just takes some time :-)
Title: Re: Clarification needed
Post by: GuiGuy on April 06, 2007, 08:23:29 am
I've stopped. IMO LinuxMCE is more wishful thinking than reality - See gartonhill's post here (, which sums up my position pretty much.

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Thanks & all the best.