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Title: Linux MCE + Plone/Other CMS
Post by: DrogoNevets on July 13, 2012, 10:22:56 am
I am thinking about installing Linux MCE on my home server, but heres the thing, it's a new server that I want to use to stream films from (on my TV), host my personal website (yet to be developed, would like to use Plone)

What I am asking is, is this possible (do them at the same time)??

I couldnt see from the screenshots how one might get access to the terminal

also i am a bit of a Linux n00b (Software developer by trade, but tend to use doze machines) so installing plone might be an issue

i realise it ships with a version of KDE, which might be fine to dev the site in, but if i set plone up as a service there, will that port over to MCE too?

how can I install the various things like Python, PIL, etc, etc
Title: Re: Linux MCE + Plone/Other CMS
Post by: stedaniels on July 13, 2012, 11:21:21 am
If it's a new, powerful server, you could turn it into a virtual machine host. E.g. run Xen, KVM, VMWare, or VirtualBox on it. VirtualBox is probably pitched quite closely to your level of expertise. This way, LinuxMCE could exist as a virtual machine guest, and it would not interfere with anything you installed on the host, or any other virtual machines you might like to run.

There's a number of articles in the wiki that may be of help: ( (

Title: Re: Linux MCE + Plone/Other CMS
Post by: DrogoNevets on July 13, 2012, 11:27:07 am
hi steve
unfortunately it's not going to be that powerful to start with (just moved into the house and mid furnishing it etc, etc) so is just my parents old windows XP machine with im going to completely overhaul and whack Plone onto it.

I realise it will likely struggle with Plone, but am hoping that as the site will be quite simple I'll be ok (have years of Plone experience) the MCE bit is just a want. so can wait (can stream the films from my laptop i guess) just wanted a more seamless solution

at present though i dont even have internet in the house (Plusnet fitting it on the 21st, after ordering it on the 18th JUNE!!! - not happy!)

Title: Re: Linux MCE + Plone/Other CMS
Post by: daballiemo on July 13, 2012, 12:36:27 pm
I am currently running 8.10 as a KVM VM on a HP N40L. This machine is not that powerfull as well but is good on the powerusage. The N40L is about the same price as a NAS but running it with 12.10 makes it very usable. So even if your system is not that powerfull but you have 2Gb of memory spare I would give it a go. ;D
Title: Re: Linux MCE + Plone/Other CMS
Post by: DrogoNevets on July 13, 2012, 12:43:42 pm
Plone can be quite resource hungry which is where my concerns lie, not within the linux

Ideally I wouldnt want to run a VM but have MCE running in parralel with Plone

and IF im not mistaken MCE has a web interface to it (?) and if that is the case, then just switch it so that Plone runs on port 80 and MCE on some other known port.

unless anyone knows of a simple DLNA server i can run under a vanilla linux that supports at a minimum

AVI, MKV, MOV and DIVX file types?
Title: Re: Linux MCE + Plone/Other CMS
Post by: daballiemo on July 13, 2012, 01:39:03 pm
MediaTomb is part of LMCE.... :D
Title: Re: Linux MCE + Plone/Other CMS
Post by: fibres on July 13, 2012, 10:23:34 pm
Well as linuxmce is based on linux there is not reason that plone should not install on top of linuxmce.

I would suggest installing plone and configuring it to run on a different port say 8080 and just making the virtual server pointer on your souter point port 80 comming from external to port 8080 on your linuxmce machine's external lan ip.

That way you can access linuxmce from within the local network fine. and people in the outside world will get your website.

Title: Re: Linux MCE + Plone/Other CMS
Post by: tschak909 on July 13, 2012, 10:42:30 pm
We have the ability to appropriate other packages.

What would need to be done, after you have a checkout of the source tree from SVN:

(1) Software->Packages would need to have the plone package added so that LinuxMCE knows about the package.
(2) another package should be made for the LinuxMCE support. It would contain an,,, and/or file, that would specify scripts to run to set certain bits up in the web server. It would have a dependency set for (1).
(3) A device template would need to be made, for plone so that the package could have something to attach to. It would be a very simple template with Package set to the package defined in (2)
(4) InstallWizard, and InstallWizard_Distro tables in pluto_main would have to be appended to, to add the device template created in step (3). This is so you can select Plone as Software Modules to run on the CORE in the web admin Wizard->Core page.
(5) The Web admin can have new pages added by adding rows into the PageSetup table in pluto_main. A page can be added to point to Plone.

With this done, Plone can be selected, and used.