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Title: Foscam Fi8905W
Post by: am on December 07, 2010, 07:51:01 pm
It Works!

Just follow the instructions at
 this is the configuration you want to save:
netcam_url hxxp://<CAMERA_IP_ADDRESS>/videostream.cgi?user=XXXXX&pwd=XXXXX

Title: Re: Foscam Fi8905W
Post by: ladekribs on December 09, 2010, 08:55:02 am
Hi am, Glad You got it working, how did you set it up wire or wireless?
what other hardware do you have switches etc.

BR Stefan
Title: Re: Foscam Fi8905W
Post by: purps on December 09, 2010, 11:05:33 am
Are you using it with motion? If so, did you set up static IPs? The reason I ask is because one or two people have been having problems

Out of interest, does it still work properly if you leave the "Configuration" field blank? My understanding was that this is required to view the video feed, but I always put this path in "Path" at the top, leaving "Configuration" blank. And apart from the DHCP issues in the aforementioned thread, the video feed works fine for me.

Title: Re: Foscam Fi8905W
Post by: am on December 25, 2010, 05:21:54 am
My Fi8905w camera died, I have to send it back for warranty repair.
Yes I was setup with motion even though the cam is not pan/tilt.
We did the alarm activation under motion, worked good until something shorted out inside the cam

I ordered 2 8904W and are working to bring them luck yet, they must be slightly differ and or the newer snapshot I loaded maybe skewed things too.

The Foscams on Ebay (fee-bay) may be knock offs and have other software web servers

DHCP issues...yes
my solution:
I had to give the Basic Ethernet side the same exact address as the Wifi address I wanted to use, otherwise the camera would drop the wireless address and need to be configured on the lan....again.

My setup is small, I am using a wireless network bridge that I had laying around from our days as a wireless ISP. Its a Demartec RWO it will pass dhcpd no problems. It is not too bad, you can use 100 200 or even 300w cards if need be