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Title: What does Pluto considers as a "Disk" ?
Post by: archived on December 02, 2006, 12:37:31 pm

I installed a dedicated pluto core and a first diskless MD.

I copied all my mp3/flac audio to the audio directory and let "UpdateMedia" synchronize the DB.
Now I'd like to associate cover arts.

When I go the web admin, I get a list of all the files and directories.
If I select "Show all disks" I only get an empty list. I suppose it is because my audio data has not the pluto ripping structure.

My questions are:

- What can I do to make pluto recognize my disks (actually the folder in which the songs reside) as disks?
- Would it be possible to add a filter "Show all directories", to which we could smply associate a cover art.

Thank you for the great work you did.