Author Topic: **Need Input** Newbie building [Hard]core server  (Read 9129 times)


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Re: **Need Input** Newbie building [Hard]core server
« Reply #15 on: May 06, 2010, 11:37:17 pm »
Sorry, I'm a talker.  It sometimes comes out in my writing, I write like I talk. 

I wasn't necessarily saying a nas uses allot of cpu.  I was pointing out that there is a demand for cpu time when transferring files.  The 20% cpu usage you'll use to stream to 4 mds could be used for something else "core" related.  Example, if I'm coping files to or from my laptop i wouldn't want that to slow down a md's pxe boot or vise verse.

Honestly, as I said I have no patience for slow computing.  You may like my core and i'm sure the general public may also, as a techie it sucks!  I'm only serving 4 md's and I feel this way.  I personally don't think x4 2.x cores is enough for tv, dvr, video, music, pictures, pxe booting, dhcp, x10 control, voip, security cameras, the different ways you can combine scenarios, plus around 11-15 mds.  That's going to be my setup once I move since i already know how big my house will be and my wife and I have to plans to compromise.  That's enough network traffic to justify a gig network with a fiber up-link to the nas.  That would require at least a mid size business server to drive everything with out problems and quickly, that's why I'm shooting for 8 cores.  Since you're planning 30 x10's, a watercooled 4u chassis, a full rack!!, and you're talking about iscsi, esx and building the "ultimate core" i figured you're a geek like me and would want something powerful. 

Correct me if I’m wrong but that hp maxes at 8 or 12 gigs, and dual 3.0 xeons.  I know I’m not to far off, there are other factors but it'll handle those vm's depending on what they’re doing but the performance would be less than great.  If they’re DC or anything else with lower IO and memory requirements you’ll be fine.  IDK if you have it setup or not but pm me if you want help with it.  I suggest using Linux as the host os.  I’m running Ubuntu server with vmware server 2.  It uses 700mb at full load and barely any CPU time, Winblows would probably cache 2 gigs off the rip just because. 

Sorry, I don’t do racks.  I’m pretty crafty and I feel that I can always just build a suitable rack.  When I order them for the business I always get extra parts and they’re always dells… one apc... dells are better.  I might buy one for the new house but idk.  There’s a room in the blue prints slated as the “Data center” with a raised floor, ac, fire suppression and fire proof walls and ceiling, if I’m going to do all of that I might as well buy a rack and make it all look good.


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Re: **Need Input** Newbie building [Hard]core server
« Reply #16 on: May 10, 2010, 10:33:13 am »
Have anyone used an powervault 120 DLT with linuxmce? With which software do you use to manage the autoloader?

So pics on the system. I slowly getting ready to start installing the system...