Author Topic: STB --> Firewire --> Core works; RS232 controls TV How to coordinate remote?  (Read 1105 times)


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I must be missing something. It seems like I have all the hard parts done but the remote refuses to follow along. Anyone had this problem?

STB works beautifully with DCT 6412 template--usbuirt codes do exactly what asked when tested in webadmin or with remote.

HD output from STB through firewire to core/hybrid works and changes channels from mythTV but the image is not 1080i with current video card. Also a bit slow and sometimes flaky with current hardware.

Temporary solution: I want to go directly from STB through HDMI to TV and have Linuxmce just handle the pass off using the linuxmce usbuirt remote all the way: Connection wizard shows audio and video output from STB to HDMI input on TV (which is controlled by RS232).

What happens when I go to media\ LiveTV DCT6412 in linuxmce is that it recognizes I want to go to HDMI on the TV and switches to that input on the TV using rs232. Also, if I hit the "windows or green button" on my remote it recognizes that I want to go back to Linuxmce interface and takes me there where basically all I can do is turn "off" the LiveTV connection.

The problem seems to be that the STB is controlled by usbuirt infrared codes and once you have switched to the TV on the HDMI port Linuxmce seems to be trying to use the RS232 codes through the remote when what you want is the remote to switch back to the STB codes to control everything.

I've read everything I can find in the wiki and the forums but I must be missing something.  One thing I have considered--but don't want to try unless it is confirmed as the way to go--is  to delete all the rs232 codes for the TV except the inputs so that Linuxmce is forced to use the STB codes by default once the input is changed. I just don't know enough about how the system works and it seems to be a pretty ruthless way to get this accomplished.

Any advice or experience with this problem greatly appreciated.