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Re: AV connections not being controlled
« Reply #30 on: March 25, 2010, 02:00:33 am »
Hi Jimbodude,
did it all, and created new templates for the devices, defining a new codeset name for each. All the codes works well, but there are still problems:
1) having hulu player and kx-390 - menu entry show both kx-390 under hulu player.
2) disabling the hulu player entry (media scnenario), kx-390 appears, but no buttons or any screen.
3) tx-950 defined as radio (OTA radio), input on amp is changed to tuner (it takes around 10 seconds), and there is a menu, showing Off, Direct A/V, Resned A/V codes, Random (very dimmed), Audio Options, Random and Menu. None of this entries does something and when passing the mouse over Random (the one below menu) it turns to a big random icon with no access to menu.
4) changing source to TV or audio or video turns the input on the amp to laserdisc almost imediately.
1) is there any frontend for tapedeck (with buttons or any menu)?
2)should a tuner be defined as OTA radio, and in this case should it also be a menu for it?
3) when the OSD source is changed to TV, an incorrect DSP mode is selectd. How to define which DSP mode for a source (audio, video, tv, etc) shall be selected?
4) my remote has 12 buttons for DSP selection, each of them with 2 or 3 modes. Hitting buttom 1 i get Concert Hall 1 - Hall A in Europe. Hitting buttom 1 twice i get Concert Hall 1 - Hall B in europe, hitting buttom 1 three tiimes, i get Concert Hall 1 - Hall C in Europe. Hitting buttom 12 i get Prologic Normal, hitting buttom 12 twice i get Prologic Enhanced, so buttom 1 has three DSP modes, button 12 has two DSP modes. Is there a way to fine tune it, defining the modes under AV Properties and doubling the IR hex codes. or must it be done in nother way?

The Yamaha devices where created by webadmin (from scratch not using any of the pre stored codesets).

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