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Installation Pitfalls / Long, but please help
« on: October 23, 2006, 09:22:55 pm »
OK, I have DSL and have been trying to get Pluto to operate on my DSL.  My setup  (from Bellsouth, my local provider) has a DSL modem plugged into the phone jack via an RJ-11 phone cable.  Out of the ehternet port, I plug the Pluto Server.  This is going to be a core server.  It has two active ethernet cards (and pluto recognzes both).  However, I am having a difficult time getting this to work.  Now mind you, I am very, very, very, green when it comes to Linux.  Rob (tinia) has helped me out and I hve gotten as far as I have gotten with his help. I am going to break the area down in a couple of areas.  

As far as PPPOE, I do have a router that I can use to provide my username/password (I currently do use it).  I can turn off DHCP servicing.  However, I would neet to provide a static IP for this device.  If I can not get PPPOE to work, would I be able to use this device and between my DSL modem and core server?  If so, I am assuming that I would need to provide some sort of routing instructions to get the external card to communicate with the router.  Or would I?  What would be the difference in the core communicating with the router as opposed to communicating with the DSL modem.  It should actually think that is the internet provider, wouldn't it?

I am just going to ask general questions here.  For instance, when it asks for the primary card during installion, what does Pluto consider function of the primary card?

Internal and external addresses?  I am assuming that the internal addresses would be the addresses for my internal network.  The external address would be the address of the card that connects to the internet.  Is this correct?.  

As my title suggests, I am having difficulties getting my PPPOE to work.  I have run PPPOECONF and it says tht the connection is created.  I can connect (says IFCONFIG and the address that I receive for ppp0 connection).  But I can not ping or connect to anything.  I  also used Robs suggestions in modifying the various network settings through MySql (in the pluto_main database and Device_DeviceData table.   A question off the top of my head is in the table where I change the ethX value to ppp0.   When I do a Select statement to see the settings for eth0 and eth1, I see my data resemble something like this:


This is not my address (actually from Robs instruction that he had posted), however, same format.  Now, one thing that set me back was the fields themselves.  When I did the describe command for Device_DeviceData, there were 9 fields listed.  I did the Select Command, I counted (what I thoughts) were 10 fields of data.  Now all were not occupied, but  were null (I presume).  I believe my problem is the data that I have listed above.  I counted that as two fields, with the pipe (|) between the .150 and eth0 as being the field seperator.  The problem with that is the  fields that follows are all either fields for integer or datastamp fields.   Therefore, I am assuming that the data that I provided is actually from a single field (not two as I thought) which is IK_DeviceData.  Is this correct.  Given that, I updated the row to include all of the data in a single field (for pppo/eth1 and eth0).

Again, I am sorry for the length of the post, but I am getting frustrated.  I think that I am close, but just havent gotten there yet.  I will be back to post specifics about my addresses and settings.  Any help would be appreciated.