Author Topic: Install CORE only (without desktop and xWindows) for Automation Server only  (Read 1900 times)


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We are evaluating alternatives to a number of automation software packages.

Our requirement is a minimal server platform that has very low power draw, and most likely diskless.

We will use remote thin client PCs to either SSH or WEB manage the automation rules and interfaces

We have downloaded hte latest LinuxMCE 8.10 beta; the DVD successfully installed to the host platform.  However we do not want to start/configure the CORE in KDE.  (The hardware we will be using is a via processor with minimal graphics)..  the core will NOT stream media; simply serve as rules engine for various interfaces like zWave, UPB, X10, etc..

Our objective is to use the for energy management systems and smart building control in Central America.

Can any of the software engineers point me in the right direction on how to configure a fresh install of LinuxMCE..  (remember we have not done firstrun yet)... so that we can configure the host for CORE services only?  and at least get the web admin page?



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You should talk to guys/galls from MiCasaVerde who made Vera -

Check out their demo video -

If you decide to go with LinuxMCE please see how you can contribute to this project; by contributing code, paying your developers full time to work on this project or pay some of developers who already work hard on this project.

Also other project I have seen use bounties. If you setup a high enough worth bounty for this specific need you will much faster get an answer.

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Just follow hardware requirements, and even if you do not stream media, you will have a low cost system. Better yet, grab a working system from .
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