Author Topic: Attached external storage disappears from LinuxMCE time to time  (Read 5055 times)


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Re: Attached external storage disappears from LinuxMCE time to time
« Reply #15 on: March 25, 2010, 12:46:24 am »
I have now have several 1TB USB disks attached to my core and to one of my MDs (the one with TV cards in). To replace this with a NAS is going to costs fair bit, so I'd like to understand what the real issue is. I also feel that I should put something in the Wiki about this, so that nobody else goes down the same route as me if there really is a big issue.



The main problem with using USB storage devices in general, and specifically in relation to this thread, is that they might be simply yanked out of the USB port that are connected too and this may well cause file system damage...even without the screen session technique mentioned earlier in the thread. Secondly Thom and others have experienced performance issues with USB storage devices and this has left them with a somewhat negative opinion of using these kinds of devices in LinuxMCE systems.

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Re: Attached external storage disappears from LinuxMCE time to time
« Reply #16 on: March 26, 2010, 09:36:28 am »
After using 0810 during a few weeks I can confirm that NAS added to the system by proper way works fine and never disappears. But there is a problem with USB storage. And I understand the Tom's negative opinion about that. But practically a lot of people (including me) have USB disks. I don't claim anything from the dev team because a) it's opensource and b) they're very busy. But we can at least schedule the feature to have USB storage working properly.

BTW, we can use the same approach as VIM developers to perform tasks important for users. They have a list of features which should be implemented and users can vote them. Moreover, people who make donation get possibility for additional voting.
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