Author Topic: SWMBO just ordered a PS3. Setup advice?  (Read 1775 times)


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SWMBO just ordered a PS3. Setup advice?
« on: December 12, 2009, 10:54:07 am »

Ok, I thought I know where I was going, but now SWMBO has ordered a "family Christmas present" which may change everything....

What I have now.

Single LNB dish,
1 x SKY SD box,
TV in living room (connected to above)
TVs in 3 bedrooms, connected to local DVD / VHS players with no live feed.
TV in basement connected to PS2
3 Laptops (one of which is my work laptop)
2 Desktop machines
Wireless infrastructure.

In preparation for installing an MCE system, I have:
An HP GL380 server.
1 GB LynkSYS POW (48port) switch.
PVR150 Analog capture card.
Dual output USBUIRT

What I want to achieve.

At this stage, I'm not interested in HA or telephony. Maybe once I get media working I'll add that to it! What I would like to do is to be able to watch live TV and recordings (either from Live TV or ripped media) on all the TV's in the house.
I would like to have some control over what the kids (particularly the youngest) watches, and when.
A hight WAF / FAF resulting in less ear-ache.

What I had planned.

Dedicated Core
MD in living room, with PVR150 connected to Sky box.
On-screen orbiter, possibly using WiiMote (hopefully existing one!)
Possible upgrade to Quad LNB and installation of satelitte recievers on core.
Possible alternate installation of DVB-T antenna and tuners on core
More MDs connected to other TVs. (I like the look of the ION boards and there is a nice case that will fix to the VESA slots on the TV that I plan to use).


I have just been told about the PS3 thing and see from the forums that, although it won't make a full MD, it can play streamed media using uPNP from the core. So..

Alternate (new) plan.
Would this work?

Dedicated core
PVR150 in core (moving Sky box to basement)
PS3 as streaming reciever for both recorded and live media.
No idea about Orbiters. I have an N97, SWMBO an iPhone.
Existing MD hardware used in a bedroom or similar.

Additional recievers, as required. Possibly HD HomeRun unit(s)
Additional MDs.

Comments gratefully recieved!


1) WAF / FAF takes ABSOLUTE priority. It has to work. All the time. No excuses.
2) Cost. I don't have much money to throw at this, so price takes prescidence over features / gimicks.
3) Ease of maintenance. I work away from home, so don't see much of my family (I'm away all week). Being able to remotely manage it and not have to manually "drive" it is important. I also can't afford to send every weekend tweaking it.

If you have the time to help, please see where I have got to at: