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Hi guys,

I am going to start a thread here highlighting my attempts at LinuxMCE.  I am a beginner when it comes to Linux.  I wouldn't consider myself a noob because I have used a couple different flavors of Linux before but I don't always understand the slang thrown around and shorthand commands.


DFI Lanparty P35 LT MB
Intel QX6700
TeamGroup 2GB Ram
150GB Raptor
Nvidia 8400GS
PC Power & Cooling 500w PS

MD: (yet to be purchased)
Zotac Nvidia Ion

Those are plans thus far in terms of hardware.  As soon as Newegg has a hard drive sale I plan on ordering 3TB of hard drives to put in RAID5.  Either 4 1TB drives or 3 1.5TB drives.  I can add those at a later date.

The core is together and I tried to install 0710 on it but ran into some issues that I suspect might be my fault.  Until I eliminate user error I won't declare failure there.  I want to get the new 8 alpha/beta working but I figured I would start with the simplest install and work my way up to the more complicated.

I also want this Core to double as a general network storage server and web server for the outside world.  I plan on keeping my pfsense box running my internal network and having LinuxMCE managing it's own internal internal network with the firewall turned off.

Any opinions or comments are welcome.  I will post progress/questions/frustrations.  I hope to get a LinuxMCE solution operational and maybe help some others on the way.

Hello, and welcome.

With your hardware build, you will need to use the 0810 alpha build. We can't support 0710 any more for various reasons.

You can download it by clicking on the 0810-alpha2 link on the wiki.

I wish you the best of luck. The best advice I can give you is:

1. Read the FAQ
2. Please let LMCE manage your entire network. You will get most out of the system this way, and you'll have the least amount of headaches.


Thanks for the welcome Thom.  I appreciate it.  Linux forums are notoriously unfriendly to new comers.  I have had bad experiences in the past and I am glad my first impression here is a good one.

I read the FAQ.  Very helpful information.

I went through the 0810 alpha install instructions and got quite frustrated and not until I finished did I realize I was making it way too hard.  Long story short...the instructions work and I think I have it running on my Core.  On the first reboot after updating Kubuntu it dumped me at a command prompt.  I was trying to get back into KDE.  I didn't know the command to do so but a quick Google search taught me that the command, 'startx' was all I needed.

Going through the wizard, my audio works but I don't see any video.  I still want to try a couple of things before I declare a problem.  I think it is a driver or setting issue.

I see Newegg has the Hauppauge 2250 on sale with free shipping this week.  I just need a dual QAM tuner (over the air digital).  I have seen multiple posts that the analogue tuner on the card isn't supported in Linux at all yet.  Am I correct in assuming that the digital tuners will work, 'just fine'?

I figure if I make an order from Newegg I should get my Zotac Ion board for my MD.  Do other people have this board working as a MD and are there any problems or modifications that I should be aware of? 


if all you need is a digital tuner (OTA is actually 8VSB, not QAM ;) ) then look into the HDHomeRun. It is the easiest one to use by far, just plug it into the network and answer the questions that LinuxMCE asks you. Newegg carries it as well.


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