Author Topic: Extent of bluetooth support  (Read 1023 times)


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Extent of bluetooth support
« on: August 24, 2009, 08:22:19 pm »
I'm STILL trying to put together something I can show the worth of LinuxMCE before I go and spend tons on money on X10 home automation.

I thought a quick win would be to allow my N73 phones to control the hybrid core CD/DVD player.

I got Belkin bluetooth support going having fiddled with some filenames in /lib/firmware. I then turned on my N73 and LMCE promptly asked for details about it ... and thats the last I have heard about it.  I switch off the phone and .... nothing. I switch on the phone again and .... nothing.

I've looked through the admin panel and can find no record of my registered phone so whats that all about.

I figured I'd look in Events and try to create an action linked to the discovery of a registered phone. Perhaps an audio message that announced that "Daddy has come home", or some such, or "Mummy has left the building".

Seems like the events are related to the BT Dongle but I can't find any event type that seems appropriate. Assuming there was one, I'd need an event parameter that was relevant. There is "connection failed" but no sign of "connection made" or "connection dropped" ; it would probably need a parameter containing my BT phone id.

Am I way of track about what is possible and what is not? Perhaps the learning curve is too steep, I was hoping that if I managed the first step I could have something to build my experience on. hmm.