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LinuxMCE Voipbuster
« on: July 27, 2009, 10:11:04 pm »
Any toughts,

When i use the XS4ALL template for my incoming calls work fine,using my account with XS4ALL
Using this template and changing it to match severs and login info to Voipbuster, my incomming calls dont work ?

I have changed the firewall rules in LinuxMCE see below
Protocol     Source Port     Destination Port     Destination IP     Rule Type     Limit to IP     
udp    5060 to 5060    0    0    core_input       Delete
udp    10000 to 20000    0    0    core_input       Delete

Thnx in advance

PS... normaly i use voipbuster with an Sipura 3000 ATA and this works fine, i also have a local number from voipbuster, got it in the olddays..

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