Author Topic: Ask not what the project can do for you...  (Read 984 times)


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Ask not what the project can do for you...
« on: July 09, 2009, 03:43:15 pm »
....ask what you can do for the project.

Hi folks,

This is kind of following on from the various threads concerning getting involved (lots of, I'd like to help but..." type comments).

One thing that just about anybody can do is get involved in updating the Wiki. I see many, many postings from people who have got various bits and pieces working, but if you look on the Wiki, it isn't there!

Come on, guys, if you've installed using some new motherboard, TV card, NIC or whatever, please add it to the Wiki (or, if it's already there, make sure what's there reflects your experiences). Posting on the forums is all very well, but is MUCH harder to search. I've also started to add "comparison" pages for each item (MOBO, TV cards etc) so anyone following in your steps can easily see what supports what. Again, please update / review this as it will help others.

This isn't much to ask folks to put back in to the project. Remember a community is about everybody contributing so that everybody benefits. Don't assume the core devs will do it all -they won't. They don't have time and they shouldn't have to!

If you have the time to help, please see where I have got to at: