Author Topic: Script loading order during MCE startup  (Read 1136 times)


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Script loading order during MCE startup
« on: July 07, 2009, 08:16:41 pm »
Sorry for the slightly random question but i was wondering if someone here could give me a list of the last few scripts loaded by Linux MCE during the startup process. 

My reason for asking is 2 fold, firstly I need to add a line to start mediatomb as per this thread;

I also need to add a line to enable my wifi WPA connection, currently i have to drop to KDE each time to type one line into terminal to get wifi working and this clearly isnt as elegant as it could be. 

I have tried putting both of these commands into a startup script;


but it doesnt seem to work as it only appears to be run when you drop to the KDE desktop and not during normal MCE startup.

Is there a best practise script to edit for user specific startup options?  At somepoint hopefully at least the mediatomb script wont be required as it can be added into the Beta release of 0810.


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Re: Script loading order during MCE startup
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2009, 08:28:44 pm »
generally, startup stuff in linux can be placed in /etc/rc.local
as for linuxMCE stuff, that will take some digging around in the scripts, probably starting with /usr/pluto/bin/ (this is just a rough guess).
Note that most services are run in a "screen" session, particularly if they do not have their own "daemon" mode.