Author Topic: Status of previously contributed templates via sqlcvs  (Read 2287 times)


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Status of previously contributed templates via sqlcvs
« on: June 23, 2009, 10:58:26 am »


I have contributed and created few templates for LinuxMCE (Marantz SR5600 Receiver, Cybrotech Home Automation system, ESS speaker selector, many changes to generic automation devices, etc....). There was a call to all developers to enter those changes via sqlcvs into 7.10... I took time and did commits for each template and they were registered and put into queue...I checked them on 8th January, 2009 and they were Mantis #4287 to Mantis #4292...

Now I've setup test system in my house with latest 810 alpha and I miss those contributions... I remember that smeone said, that those contributions are not lost and there is maybe some chance that they will be processed and entered into 8.10. Are there any updates on that ?

If not, then I'll probably have to do it again from scratch (for the fourth time :-), but that's a long story from Pluto's times...), but I wonder if everything is fixed now regarding sqlcvs contributions and those templates can be entered in reasonable time in main database to be used also on other systems ? I've found brief description - is this the right one ?

I'd also like to brainstorm few changes that are probably required for some more generic devices that are only partly usable (there are questions like  weather is better to have few, more generic devices (lights,temperature,bright sensors, thermostats) or have separate templates for any brand (zwave thermostat, Cybrotech light, etc...). Should I split those questions and brainstorms into separate threads ?

If I remember right my proposals for changes in Climate plugin are already in, and JonDecker also already prepared lighting plugin so it's possible to display dimming state on floorplan, right?

Thanks in advance for your opinions,


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