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wow. thanks, Zaerc :)



Me too

I spent some time thinking on a particular focus, and I've come up with the following rough abstract:

This workshop will focus on using dynamic objects called Data Grids to present tabular information in a very easy to use form for a 10' User Interface.

This workshop will be split into the following sections, 30 minutes each section. The tenative duration of the workshop is 2 hours, with the date and time still to be determined.

* Introduction (30 mins)

Basic overview of data grids, and examples of their use throughout the system. A quick look at unstyled and styled data grids which use designobjs to specify their layout and rendering.

* Data grid Implementation techniques (30 mins)

Data grids have a very basic implementation technique, although styled data grids have their cell attributes populated differently. I also show how to implement the actionable parts of data grids from the following perspectives:

+ adding a message to fire when a datagrid cell is clicked.
+ callbacks in Designer
+ callbacks in the screen handler

* Data grid implementation example: VOIP Provider Selection screen (30 mins)

An example will be walked through, starting with the VOIP Provider selection screen in the House Setup Wizard, we will replace the static buttons on this page, with a data grid, that can be dynamically populated.

* Question and answer session (30 minutes)

Discussion on data grids, clarification, possible new uses, refinements, etc.



Im interested too.


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