Author Topic: 810 Mythtv crashes only on Core  (Read 1786 times)


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810 Mythtv crashes only on Core
« on: June 07, 2009, 04:11:29 pm »
This may be what was experience and led to Trac #195:

I did a fresh 810 install and configured the Hauppauge PVR-150 on my M3A78-EM:

Whenever I click "TV" from the main screen the my loading bars will go to 100% each, then the screen will go black for 4 seconds after which time the cursor will appear (the single arrow, not the 4 arrow cursor) and 2 seconds after the UI screen will appear with the 4 arrow cursor hovering over the now playing box.

When I try to run mythtv from the desktop it errors out with a "segmentation fault (core dumped)"

When I went to "computing" "mythtv setup" "general" there was no Security Pin.  I entered "0000', but this does not seem to make any difference.

What I find even more odd is that mythtv works great on 2 other MDs.  There is only the one PVR-150 for the system and it is installed on the core.

Any ideas?