Author Topic: [Solved] Hardlocks on MD: ASUS T3-M2NC51PV (NVidia Geforce 6150)  (Read 2369 times)


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Just for info, as it might benefit others with MD's running integrated NVidia cards.

I own 2 Asus T3 barebone pc's running as MD's: It runs an integrated NVidia GeForce 6150 video card.

I experienced a lot of hardlocks on these machines, as it turns out video related. Mostly when watching TV (mythtv) it could suddenly freeze, requiring a hard reboot. Most profoundly it freezed when watching LiveTV and using the LinuxMCE menu's, I use UI2 overlay.

Last week I upgraded the NVidia drivers on the MD's to 180.51 as per wiki: Since then I have not encountered anymore hardlocks on my MD's.

Maybe this might help someone with similar problems...