Author Topic: No HDMI output on new Install  (Read 1326 times)


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No HDMI output on new Install
« on: May 09, 2009, 07:22:30 pm »
Hello everyone.  I finally took the plunge and tried the DVD install of MCE 710. 

The install went smoothly and on first boot I was taken to the A/V wizard.  At this point I had the computer hooked up on the VGA out to an old CRT monitor and the HDMI out was hooked to my LCD TV.  When I change the output to HDMI and set the resolution to 720p it switches off the monitor but the display never comes up on the TV.  The HDMI output worked great in Vista but I have had no luck with MCE so far.  Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the computer specs:
Acer Aspire AX1700
Intel Pentium dual-core E2220(2.4GHz) w/ 4GB DDR2
NVIDIA GeForce G100 Graphics Card

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Re: No HDMI output on new Install
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2009, 07:29:28 pm »

Did you look at this...

... and if you did have you checked your xorg.conf and maybe tried to set useEDID=true (2 places)?

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