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Anyone out there from the uk using xmltv and radiotimes grabber? If so can u please help? I am in ireland but have hit a brick wall in reagards getting myth to work ANY help would be great thanks.

You can search on the forums with mythtv users how to set the channels and radios for UK. You'll find for sure some examples and advices.

I've been using the free Over The Air TV guide info, which seems to work ok.
Not really spent much time using mythtv as don't have a arieal in the office:)

I'd try the mythtv forums or maybe the knopixmyth ones.

Hi bliss thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it. But what i really need is about 15-20mins on msn messenger or yahoo with someone who has experience at getting myth to work in the pluto system. i have a pvr 150 and want to get my guide info from radio times grabber. I cant get seem to get my card working. I am new to linux but a very fast learner. So if someone can give me a few pointers or PM me with their msn or yahoo id so i could ask a few questions that would be great. Thanks again to those who replied already. :)


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