Author Topic: Insteon PLM not playing nicely with X10 commands  (Read 1365 times)


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Insteon PLM not playing nicely with X10 commands
« on: June 14, 2009, 02:12:34 pm »
My insteon PLM template has been working fine as per the instructions on the wiki--and the caveat I posted in the forum--except for one niggling error message.

I wonder if anyone can help:

Whenever an X10 device is activated I get the following type of message in the complete  log of the Insteon PLM:

(***):IN:02 52 B1 80 02 52 B0 80 Length:8
(***):X10 Message Received
(***):This byte is a House/Command Code
(***):Translated X10 Command Code:LAll Lights On
01   06/14/09 7:42:46.217      Error while calling method: Cannot call class method: cmd_350
error: can't convert nil into String, line: 1070
   in: (eval): 1070
   from (eval):1070:in `+'
   from (eval):1070:in `EZToDCE'
   from (eval):1788:in `plmparse'
   from (eval):243:in `cmd_350'
   from (eval):1070

I've checked the ruby command 350 and it is fine. 

From this message am assuming that the Insteon PLM can not control the X10 device within Linuxmce--is this assumption correct--if not is there a place I can find out how to implement?

For example, do I need to install the CM11A device as per the instructions on the wiki so that insteon has a way to hand off/interpret the command?

Just getting started with Insteon so any help greatly appreciated.