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stopping auto discovery???


With our demo area everytime someone with bluetooth walks past the shop we get a bluetooth discovered popup on our screens. Is there anyway to stop this, but still use the already added bluetooth phones.

Also at the cedia show next week and it will get quite anoying if the demo is constantlly asking to add a new phone.

Any ideas???

We don't have this feature yet, we will try to implement in in our future releases. Thanks.

sorry, my bad. There is this feature in our .39 release. To do this, please fallow the steps.

Go to Pluto-Admin web interface.
Show devices Tree - on bottom in the left menu.
Select Core/DCERouter/Orbiter Plug-in.
In the right frame, there is this flied in the bottom of the page "Ignore State"
The default value is set to N . To fix your problem, set it to Y

Good luck !

:) just too late.

We just had to put up with the pop-ups, but it did make people do a double take when they saw their bluetooth id on the 42" plasma screen:)

I'm putting another post on how the show went.
Cheers anyhow


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