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The Future of Modern Lighting Systems
« on: May 26, 2009, 04:20:51 am »
In 2005, total worldwide energy consumption was 500 Exajoules (= 5 x 1020 J) with 80-90% derived from the combustion of fossil fuels.[1] This is equivalent to an average energy consumption rate of 16 TW (= 1.6 x 1013 W)

Lighting in many countries equates to almost 30% of energy usage so the future of lighting needs to be green. We are not all god damn hippies though and a lot of us want the next generation in architechtural lighting and control.

Linux home control already has the possibility of providing next generation control and modern living automation and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. What is required is a Open control protocol for lighting that is simple and secure. Open Source Energy Saving Electronics has just gone live its ropey and needs rewriting but it will do for now.
Its objective is to release documentation, schematics and gerbers (pcb drawings) of a design I have been working on for 4 years.

It represents what I believe is the next generation in lighting control and its design goal is low cost and functionality.

The site and design has no IP (intellectual property rights) other than the colaboration as all knowledge is free to use with only one requirement and that is to provode reference to the original source.
Its Open source to try and provide a common protocol and methodology of the modern lighting system.

If you want your lights to automatically set your scene for TV watching when you put the TV on. If you want your lights to go out when you set your alarm. To turn on at dimmer walk through levels automatically. To provide archtectural modern lighting at energy saving levels then this is the one.

On the eco side up to 80% of the annual lighting bill can be saved by a combination of a new philosphy of lighting, inteligent control and the usage of solid state lighting. needs your participation embedded, protocol, application developers, end users and lighting manufactures are asked to join in a non profit effort for a damn good idea in a very important arena.

Anyone want to help :-)


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Re: The Future of Modern Lighting Systems
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2009, 06:49:09 am »
Have you considered writing a GSD template or even a native DCE device for LMCE to control your equipment? LMCE is a "framework" product, so all the tools are there ready for you to plugin anything you want. The dev team focus on expanding/improving/fixing the core functionality. Any 3rd party that wants to integrate is generally responsible for doing the leg work using the tools provided already.

If you have all the protocol details it should be quiet easy. For serial connected devices, you can usually get away with a Generic Serial Device. For USB, TCP, etc type devices you will probably need to create a device template with all the necessary (LMCE) commands you want to implement then run DCEGen (I think?) which will create all the necessary C++ header files and functions, which you then just populate with code, probably from your own code base. Then that new device effectively provides the necessary conversion between the internal LMCE DCE commands/events/etc and your protocol. Done, then it just needs to be checked into the sqlCVS system and everybody will get that new device....

Any questions on the process, or getting setup can either be directed to the Developer's forum, or better yet on the IRC dev channel where you will get all the help you need to progress this...