Author Topic: 2 MDs in one room  (Read 6692 times)


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Re: 2 MDs in one room
« Reply #15 on: February 23, 2009, 07:44:34 pm »
I am using EAs to have an MD (or other AV device) serve more than a single room.

could you please describe your setup a bit....

Two rooms. One room contains the core with a set top box. Set top box has a long cable into the second room.
USB-UIRT is on core to control the set top box
Set top box setup EA to be manually controlled
Selected both room EAs in the device setup of the set top box
Now I have a scenario in both rooms to control the box.
The set top box is connected to a plasma in the second room.
The Plasma device is also in both EAs
The Plasma device is controlled via RS-232 by the MD in the second room.

I can now virtually go into the core room, and select the set top box, and the Plasma gets turned on. Same the other way round, i.e. I can go into the MD room and select set top box and everything is turned on.

One thing missing atm is the remote control of the set top box. It does not show on the orbiter when I am in room MD, I have to change rooms to room Core.