Author Topic: MythTV not remembering input connection with HDhomerun and pvr150 installed  (Read 2205 times)


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So i followed the wiki instructions and mythtv wiki pages for setting up the hdhomerun along with my analog pvr card the hauppage 150. i've got two input source created, and in input connections, i set the two tuners on the hdhomerun to the source i created for it, and the pvr150 to the other channel source.

i exit the backend, go into the frontend and things are working as they should (i'm still having stuttering problems with the hdhomerun, and poor reception on the pvr150, but that's for another post).  i exit the frontend.  later i have to turn off the core, but when i turn it back on. the channel source being used for the hdhomerun has changed to the one i made for the analog tuner, making it inop.  so i check the backend and sure enough all the tuners are set to the same channel source.  i fix it, and were working again.  turn the computer off then on again, and same problem.

can someone point me in the direction as to how to stop this from happening?



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I'm currently investigating the best method for delivering video for MythTV as well. When you say the channel source has changed, are you talking about the device name on the backend? If so, have you loked at the udev configuration?