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Re: For new Linux MCE users
« Reply #15 on: January 29, 2009, 03:43:20 pm »
For starters, you can check:

Zaerc is correct. In addition, the help button directs you to all the wiki code you need. Or look at existing pages to see how they are formatted.

Well this is exactly the reason why I started my page. Most information is there but it not always easy to find by new users. With my page I am trying to connect all the pages that I used for getting my system installed and configured to my liking. As a suggestions to the more knowledgeable users I would like to say that a one sentence answer is sometimes difficult to understand. I hope to be able to help others more out if I am bit further. I already see the same questions on the forum all the time.

With all due respect, I was once a new user who had NEVER used wikipedia before. By simply looking at the tools provided to me when posting to the wiki, I was able to create the User Setups sections in addition to wiki pages. Look for the help button, it does tell you everything you need to know.

You can create the page you see to construct simply by taking a few moments to understand the help pages. Now if you are talking about better categorizing of articles, thats a different issue that requires thought in to how things should be linked. For example, when I have time, I go through the wiki looking for new pages and try and clean them up. Be it formatting, categorization, asking for more information or indicating that its incomplete. I think I even added some categorization to your pages too. At the least, you could create a list of links at the bottom of your page. If you take a moment to look @ setup in my sig, you will see that I link relevant hardware as well as the different techs im using. So if someone wants to know about pstn setups, they can click there, which will let them see my page and the link to setting up the system to work that way.  Thats how I figured it would be the easiest to track down what people were doing specifically so that one could access the information faster. Granted, not everyone has added their setup nor do lot of people know about the effort as this was something i was pushing hard a few months ago but have since slacked off a bit.

And the reason you see the question repeated is because search is apparently frowned upon.  :-[

Good luck and use the existing pages as a guide!
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