Author Topic: Telecom FAQ, Tips and Tricks. Please add yours here  (Read 1932 times)


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Telecom FAQ, Tips and Tricks. Please add yours here
« on: January 15, 2009, 10:32:49 am »
Now that I'm working on some telecom related stuff in LMCE, I thought it would be a good idea to collect as many tips and tricks as I can so that I can test them all out and get more familiar with the way LMCE handles telephony - and more importantly, how a user is supposed to interact with the system. This is also a lacking area in the wiki, so all of this information will be compiled and added there as well as a benefit to all. What I'm looking for is things like:
  • Hidden extensions and what they do
  • How to conference call
  • How to place a call on hold
  • etc

I will kick this off with the little that I know right now:

Orbiter Extensions - Each MD (or more appropriatey, each soft phone on the MDs) is automatically given an extension starting at 200
User Extensions - Each User is given an extension starting at 300. This is where LMCE will automatically try to route a call to the phone closest to the user.
Phone Book - Until recently, I thought the Phone Book section on the orbiter was broken. To use the phone book, go to the web admin (Telecom->Phone book) and create some entries. To do this, first create a contact (such as "John Doe") using the "Add Contact" button. Once you have created a contact, you may assign as many phone numbers as need to this contact by using the "Add Phone Number" button. Repeat this process for as many contacts and phone numbers as you need.
Now, to use the Phone Book on the orbiter - just click on the Phone Book scenario on the orbiter. You may be surprised that there isn't a list of phone numbers on this screen! Thats because you must type the name of the contact (first name or last name) you are searching for, and as you do this a filtered list of phone numbers will populate the screen.