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Dish VIP 922
« on: January 15, 2009, 04:55:05 am »
What are the chances of integrating the Dish VIP 922 into LinuxMCE or at least using it for liveTV and DVR instead of MythTV?


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Re: Dish VIP 922
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2009, 06:09:19 am »
This can easily be done from the web admin.

Be sure to use a USB UIRT or other transciever that supports learning such as:

* GC-100 with the GCC-IRL
* Tira

No, the MCE USB transciever doesn't learn under LinuxMCE, do not ask about it. We need patches for it to do this.

Perhaps someone here can expand upon this, but basically:

in the web admin,
Create a new device template for your dish VIP 922 reciever. Making sure to pick the appropriate manufacturer and category (PVR).

Be sure to pick that this is a IR device.

There are a few other basic questions about things such as a delay between keypresses...

Once you've done this, it will ask about the inputs and outputs that the device does.. since this is a cable box, simply specify that it provides LiveTV.

If there are IR codes for these types of devices for this manufacturer, it will show all the IR codes that are available for that manufacturer, and allow you to try them out to see if they work. If one of them works, select it. Otherwise, create a new IR group..

You can then specify which commands that your PVR can do, (Channel Up, Channel Down, page up, page down, on-demand, etc.), and once you've done this, you can select each code, and tell your IR transciever to learn the code.. you then place your existing Dish remote next to your IR transciever, press the remote button..and you'll see feedback that the code was learned... you can then test it to make sure it's okay.. If you test it, and it successfully transmits that command back to the reciever, then go to the next one... repeat until all commands are learned.

Once you've built your device template, you can go into the Setup Wizard (under Advanced), and specify your new Dish VIP reciever, and then specify that it's connected to your TV and amplifier on whatever inputs, and then LinuxMCE will create a new button under Media... Selecting this button, will select your Dish VIP reciever. If you've connected it to a tuner card, it will display on your tuner card. If you've also connected it directly to your TV and Amplifier, and LMCE has device templates for those devices, and LMCE knows how they're connected, it will allow you to use your Dish VIP reciever directly, and when you press menu, it will switch back to the orbiter automatically.