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THe treo 700w's do not seem to work with the smartphone version of the MO software.  It install ok but when  you try to run the app you get the following error.

'Orbiter_CeNet4_x86' is not a valid peockt PC application.

I read in another post that the software can just be recompiled for this particual platform. that being said

A  do you guys recompile it ?
If not
B.  Where do i get the source code, and  link pointing me in the right direction . I have access to msdn. So the sdk's and software are not a problem.  ANy help would be appreciated.


Hey i have the same issue as you but with a dell axim. I posted the same question as you and the people at pluto told me to read this post, but as far as i know there is no support for WM 5.0


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