Author Topic: Cisco 7970 Orbiter with updated proxy overtakes focus even when dialing ...  (Read 1751 times)


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at the start, I was quite happy with Proxy_Orbiter update that corrected Orbiter behavior and made it trully live (with constant periodic refreshments)...

But after some time those refreshments are becoming a problem, cause they take over focus all the time, even when :
- you're trying to dial a number (after 2-3 digits, ORbiter takes focus and further digit presses are ignored)
- you're using other xml services

It seems like you cannot disable such behavour (to say for instance, from now on, I don't want Orbiter to be refreshing) - I guess this is also impossible to do...

For now I reverted back Proxy_Orbiter, will see if this will make my two ciscos more stable...

Any similar experience ?

If I may express a wish, it would be fine if one could select "live" mode on device basis...


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I guess now we finally know why it was disabled ;), hopefully this can be fixed with some additional logic?
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