Author Topic: Skip to a DVD Chapter Directly  (Read 964 times)


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Skip to a DVD Chapter Directly
« on: December 11, 2008, 05:53:03 am »
Several days ago, I started watching a dvd.  It loaded normally, I had gone past the menu, watched part of the dvd, and then stopped it.  Going back to it later, I could play the dvd normally using the "continue media from where you left off" option.

Later on, I chose "no" for the above option, assuming the dvd would start from the beginning and load the menu.  However, the menu didn't load and the player crashed.  Now, this dvd will not play.

Is it possible to force a dvd to start at a specific point, other than the menu?  In other words, can I manually add a bookmark or edit a file to say, "Resume this media from this point"? 

Ideas and thoughts are appreciated.